Ecosoft Aquapoint

whole house filter


This filter is designed for water treatment in apartments, houses, and small restaurants. All connection and mounting options provided easy filter installation, exploitation, and service for saving time, space, and cost.

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Ecosoft Aquapoint

Six predesigned solutions for different problems of water: high content of sediments, chlorine, color, hydrogen sulphide and iron.


Two connection options allow to use it as a stand-alone filter or as a part of a system with a water softener or iron and hardness reduction filter.


Two pressure gauges for timely maintenance and control of inlet water pressure.



Compact size and stylish design

The compact frame and pre-assembled connections save space and make the filter visually appealing. No need in separate room or constructions for filter connection.

Six optional solutions for:

  • turbid water with high sediments content
  • tap water with chlorine and sediments
  • tap water with high color and chlorine content
  • borehole water with hydrogen sulphide odor.
  • for water with high iron content.
  • for borehole water with high iron and hydrogen sulphide content.


Even purer water in the future

Filter can be used as stand-alone filter and with water softener or iron and hardness reduction filter. It can be installed later, you only need to use a different type of connection. In this case, the first filter will perform the functions of a sediment prefilter, and the second will be a postfilter with activated carbon replacement filter.


Installation options

  • Can be installed on the floor or hunged on the wall.
  • Easy connection from any side of the filter.

Pure water at your home is a comfort for your family:

  • Taking a shower or bathroom will be much more pleasant. AquaPoint filter makes water clear, without chlorine or a rotten eggs smell
  • House cleaning will be easier. You will forget about the yellow marks on the plumbing in your bathroom
  • The washing machine and dishwater will operate better and longer

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