Ecosoft at Aquatech Fair
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Ecosoft booth 01.136

Welcome to the Ecosoft Booth at Aquatech 2023 in Amsterdam!

This page provides a comprehensive guide to our participation in the event, offering detailed insights about our booth,along with useful tips, fascinating facts, and intriguing glimpses into modern water treatment technologies

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Dive into the Digital Water Business with AQUABOX

AQUABOX Project was developed to provide consumers with access to affordable yet great tasting drinking water through a network of AQUABOX water refill stations. AQUABOX can be found at the supermarkets and other spots where you normally buy bottled water

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Titanium Gold
Ecomix® Softener

Experience the benefits of our patented Ecomix® technology, providing crystal clear and iron-free soft water with a unique bluish tint. Say goodbye to hardness, manganese, ammonium, and organic matter with our top-of-the-line water purification solutions.

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Explore Our booth

Ecosoft booth 01.136

  1. Exciting opportunity for water experts: Aquabox Water Refill Station — Earn €10,000 Monthly!
  2. Join us in our exclusive room to discover the richness of Ukrainian traditions
  3. Learn how to make money online with Ecosoftwater filters

Let's explore water treatment together and make this reunion unforgettable!

RAI Amsterdam Europaplein 24, 1078GZ Amsterdam
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Ecosoft booth 01.136

We welcome you at our booth #01.136 to catch up on somenews in the water treatment tech and just to see each other face-to-face.

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