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MO Series
Membrane 8″
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Direct flow RO systems
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In-line Filters
In-line Cartridges
Backwash Filters
Commercial Blackwash Filters
Ecomix softeners
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Softener Assy W/O Media
Commercial Softeners
Ecomix softeners
Clack® media
UV Units
Replacement parts
Activated carbon
Clack® media

Technologically enhanced water filters for professionals
since 1991

With 30+ years of experience, we produce exceptional water filtration systems for clean and healthy water. From family-owned beginnings in 1991 to a proud member of the BWT Group, we offer innovative and reliable products. Browse our range for a perfect solution.

Welcome to Ecosoft
About Ecosoft

Welcome to Ecosoft

We're a leading producer of high-quality water filtration systems with over 30 years of experience. As a family business since 1991, we have grown to become a trusted name in the industry. In 2018, we joined the BWT Group to expand our reach and capabilities. Our mission is to provide clean and healthy water to our customers through innovative and reliable products.

Ecosoft products

Ecosoft products

Ecosoft products are now available in over 60 countries worldwide. Discover our trusted solutions for clean water today

Become our partner

Become our partner

Clients around the world highly value our strengths: an unbeatable product range, innovative technology, and competitive prices combined with excellent quality


Our products and processes are certified according to the highest quality standards — NSF (USA), EN (EU), ACS (FR), EAC (EU), and ISO (9001, 14001,45001).

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We are happy to present our brand-new quotation tool! From now on, getting a quotation is even faster and easier

water saves life Ukraine


In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ecosoft set up the Water Saves Life Ukraine foundation to support families affected by the war. Click below to donate

Friday live talks with water professionals

Friday live talks with water professionals

Join our Friday Live Talks with the experts to learn about the latest water technologies. Improve your understanding of water treatment with practical tips and valuable insights.

Ecosoft useful library

Ecosoft useful library

Discover the latest water treatment solutions from Ecosoft. Our useful library features a range of informative articles on water purification systems, Ecosoft water filters, home water treatment, and water softeners.

Titanium Gold Ecomix® Softener

Titanium Gold Ecomix® Softener

Experience the benefits of our patented Ecomix® technology, providing crystal clear and iron-free soft water with a unique bluish tint.

Container Version of Modular Water Purification Systems

Container Version of Modular Water Purification Systems

ECOMIX® Calculator — Find the Perfect Water Treatment Solution

ECOMIX® Calculator — Find the Perfect Water Treatment Solution

Discover the ideal water treatment solution for your needs with the Ecomix Calculator. Our intuitive tool helps you determine the right Ecomix filtration media and system size based on your specific water conditions. Achieve optimal water quality and make informed decisions for clean and safe water with Ecosoft.

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