Digital Water Business with AQUABOX
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Dive into the Digital Water Business with AQUABOX

AQUABOX Project was developed to provide consumers with access to affordable yet great tasting drinking water through a network of AQUABOX water refill stations. You find AQUABOX at the supermarkets and other spots where you normally buy bottled water.

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You need to install AQUABOX CONSUMER APP for smartphones to refill, pay, track your water usage and locate the nearest AQUABOX.

You pay at least 50% less and reduce plastic waste by 97% or more by switching from bottled water to AQUABOX refills.

Inside AQUABOX: Your Source for Perfect Drinking Water

AQUABOX Water Refill Station is a purification machine that turns municipal water into perfectly balanced, fresh and great tasting drinking water by state-of-the-art purification process.

AQUABOX's Ideal Customers

AQUABOX caters to a specific demographic of customers who align with our mission and values. Our ideal customers are typically male or female, belonging to couples or small families with one child. They fall within the age range of 18-40 and exhibit specific behavioral traits. These customers prioritize their health, recently moved to a new location, and are environmentally conscious individuals.

AQUABOX's affordability and sustainability are particularly appealing to those with low to middle incomes. On average, our customers consume 80 liters of water per month. AQUABOX is designed with you in mind. Join our community and make a positive impact on your health and the planet today.


Plastic bottled water is expensive. The smaller the bottle the more you pay per liter. Price of still bottled water can start from 0,20 EUR per liter for bulk packaging and get as high as 20 EUR/liter for small volumes. With monthly subscription at AQUABOX APP you get up to 200 liters of perfect drinking water per month. As cheap as 0.03 EUR per liter.

AQUABOX business model

It can be applied in any part of the world. Enjoy supplying millions of customers with hight quality water and prevent thousands of tons of plastic pollution.

Business model for 100 AQUABOXes

Total Investment
500 000 €
Net Profit
130 000 €
per annum
Return On Investment
25 %
per annum
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  1. Cashless payment method
  2. Map of the nearest Aquabox
  3. History of refills and payments
  4. Notifications and support
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Vending device managment system

  1. Control and Forecast of Water Sales
  2. Control of Money Receipts
  3. Creating Reports
  4. Customer Database Management
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  1. State of the Aquabox
  2. Service and encashment schedule calendar
  3. Settings of the Aquabox
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Remote display managment

  1. Content player
  2. Content streaming reports
  3. Education of customer
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