IoT Reverse osmosis systems
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IoT Reverse osmosis systems.

E-connect is a remote monitoring function based on IoT. Сontrol over water quality and improving the level of service.

Control of emergencies

Control of emergencies: receive SMS about accidents, sudden changes in water quality, or system performance.

WaterQuality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring: monitor salinity before and after the RO system. 

Controlling the filter is easy

Individual water quality and quantity control. The cost of service is equal to the amount of water used.

Control of the performance and state of the membrane elements

The ability to monitor the values of the performance and selectivity of the system and make timely decisions about replacing or washing the membranes. 

Quick start-up of the RO system

Use the RODMS calculator to calculate the operating parameters of your RO and select the rotameter values in a few simple steps.

RO Calculate


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