Titanium Gold
Ecomix® Softener

Experience the benefits of our patented Ecomix® technology, providing crystal clear and iron-free soft water with a unique bluish tint. Say goodbye to hardness, manganese, ammonium, and organic matter with our top-of-the-line water purification solutions.

Solve Water Problems with Proven Solution

The Titanium Gold water softener provides comprehensivewater filtration by softening water and reducing impurities like iron, organicmatter, ammonium, and manganese. Trust in its advanced technology for clean andhealthy water for your family.

compact power

The Titanium Gold filter is a great choice for whole-house or apartment water filtration. If you have one bathroom, we recommend the Titanium Gold 250, which is compact and efficient. But if you have two bathrooms, the Titanium Gold 370 is a better option to ensure that both bathrooms have access to filtered water.

enough water

The Titanium Gold 250 is perfect for households with 2–3 people, providing enough clean water for daily needs. If you have a biggerfamily of 3–5 people, we recommend going for the Titanium Gold 370 instead. This will ensure that everyone in your household has access to the water they need.

color inspires confidence

‍Trust Titanium Gold water softener for professional-grade filtration using Ecomix® C technology. With its unique pre-assembled, single-body design and authentic titanium color, you can count on guaranteed quality water purification solutions for your home.

Titanium Gold
Ecomix® Softener

model 250

25 L


Flow rate

model 370

37 L


Flow rate

Compact Power

Compared to classic problem water treatment solutions, Titanium Gold takes up less space thanks to its compact design. This makes it a great choice for homes and apartments where space is at a premium.

Smart overflow

Smart overflow location that saves installation space and protects overflow against mechanical damage.

Еasy programming

Scratch-resistant transparent valve cover for convenient viewing of control valve functions that lifts up for easy programming.

Convenient salt loading

The Titanium Gold water softener features a convenient sliding cover that provides easy access to a large tapered chute for hassle-free salt filling.


Handles seasonal variations in water composition even withsignificant changes in raw water quality.

Simple solution for 5 problems

Raw water quality requirements

safety and quality

The safety and quality of ECOMIX® is backed by the Gold Seal certificate (USA), ensuring that it is safe for use with drinking water. Trust in our commitment to providing top-notch water purification solutions for your home.

Upgrade Your Waterway to Maximum Performance

For optimal performance of your Titanium Gold watersoftener, it's important to install a filter beforehand. Let AquaPoint handle this for you, with our reliable and effective multifunctional filter. Trust us for top-notch water filtration solutions for your home.

Titanium gold color

Titanium Gold is a water softener that stands out not only for its unique and stylish color but also for the advanced Ecomix® C technology inside. This patented technology ensures high-quality water filtration, removing impurities such as iron, manganese, and organic matter.

Connection kit

¾ Connection kit and correctly installed equipment
Pre-assembledcontrol valve CE.


The Titanium Gold water softener's reinforced top distributor prevents blockages, providing long-lasting durability and optimal performance for consistently high-quality water in your home.

100% USA made equipment

Titanium Gold: 100% USA-made with quality components for reliable and efficient water filtration solutions.


ECOMIX® is certified in EU forcompliance with LFGB requirements forfoodcontacting materials by TÜV SÜD.Meets the requirements: LFGB,ResAP(2004)3, EU Guideline 2002/72/EG

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