Privacy Messages and Cookies


For the purposes ofthis message, the words (“we” / “us” / “our”) apply to the data controller defined below, of the company LLC “SPA “ECOSOFT”

We strive to protectyour privacy. We will never sell your personal data to the 3rd parties. Thismessage determines how we will process your personal data.

What information do we collect?

We may collect, storeand use the following types of personal data:

1. information, whichyou provide to be used for thepurpose of registering with us (including names, addresses, deliveryinformation, email address); and

2. information, which youprovide to be used for thepurpose of subscribing to our website, newsletters and email services; and

3. any otherinformation, which you send us or we collect about you (for instance, IPaddresses).

What aboutcookies?

For more information, please see our Cookie Notice below.

How do you usemy Personal Data?

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

•     As necessary to perform an agreement withyou: This includes the operations of orders processing, delivery of productsand services, payments processing, communication with you about your orders andgenerally support of your accounts with us.

 •     Where we are obliged to do so by law. In particular, in connection withlegal claims and  

          purposes of compliance withregulatory requirements  (including with thedisclosure of such  

          information in connection with courtproceeding).

•        If it meets our legitimate interests andwhere these interests do not prevail your data  

         protection rights. This includesoperations to better know your preferences, provide you  

         with informative  content and advertising, or ensure securityand integrity of our website.

•     With your consent. This includes, forinstance, situations when you give consent to the use of cookies.

Unless you have opted out (in writing) of receivingthe following or have not informed us at any time in the future that you wantto “opt out” of receiving the following, we will, in addition to the purposesmentioned above, use your email address and /or postal address and/or mobilephone number to send you updates about products, services of the company LLC“SPA “ECOSOFT”, news and other special offers from us, which we think may be ofinterest to you.

When we askyou to provide us with personal data, we will make it clear, where there is alegislative or contractual (obligatory) requirement regarding provision ofpersonal data and the consequences of non- provision of the data (for instance,that we will not be able to process your order).


According to thelegislation, we may share your personal data with:

•     Law enforcement orgovernmental institutions, or authorised third parties, in response to averified request related to a criminal investigation or alleged or suspectedillegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you or any of ourother user to legal liability.

•     A buyer or potential buyerof any business or asset, which we are or plan to sell.

The websitemay contain links to other websites for reference purposes only. We are notresponsible for the content, privacy messages or practice of third-partywebsites under such circumstances. Please contact them directly for obtainingadditional information.

We maydisclose your personal data to any member of our group of companies to theextent reasonably necessary for the purposes and on the legal grounds set outin this policy. The list of such companies with the relevant addresses andcontacts can be found at the link


We may transfer personal data tothe countries outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), including to the countries,which have the other data protection standards than those that are applicablein the EEA. Our offices and facilities are located in Germany, Belgium andUkraine. The transfer of data to each of these countries will be protected byappropriate safeguards, namely the use of standard data protection provisionsadopted or approved by the European Commission, a copy of which can be receivedfrom us by email at any time.


Data are keptfor a period that corresponds to the purposes for which they were collected,and are destroyed by default at the end of one (1) year of inactivity after thedate of its collection, unless otherwise provided by law.

However,please pay attention that relevant data connected with the subscription to the currentservices (for instance, newsletters) will be deleted in one (1) month once youhave informed us that you want to cancel a subscription to such services.


We may update this messagefrom time to time by posting a new version on our website. You should checkthis page from time to time to ensure that you are satisfied with any changes.If we make any significant changes to this message, which affect your rights inany way, we will do everything possible to inform you of such changes by email.


Your basic rights according to data protection legislation:

•right to access;

•right to correction;

•right to deletion;

•right to restrict processing;

•right to object to processing;

•right to data portability;

•right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority; and

•right to withdraw consent.

You have theright to confirmation of whether we process your personal data, and where we dothis, access to your personal data, details of the purposes of processing, thecategories of relevant personal data and the recipients of personal data. Wewill provide you with a copy of your personal data, if it is not limited tolegal obligations, upon your request.

You have the right to correct anyinaccurate personal data about you and, taking into account the purposes ofprocessing, to complete any incomplete personal data about you.

You have theright to delete your personal data without undue delay. We will delete yourdata upon request on condition that it is no longer needed for this purpose(for instance, you cannot demand all personal information about you to beerased and still receive Services from us) or we have a legal obligation tostore personal information.

You have theright to restrict the processing of your personal data. If processing has beenrestricted on this basis, we may continue to store your personal data. However,we will process it only in the other case: with your consent; to establish,execute or defend legal requirements; to protect rights of other natural personor legal entity; or for the reasons that represent an important publicinterest.

You have the right to object to processingby us of your personal data for all or specific purposes. If you make such an objection,we stop processing your personal data.

The legalground for the processing by us of any of your personal information is yourconsent, but you have the right to withdraw it at any time by contacting us. Refusalwill not affect the legality of the processing until the withdrawal.

If you have any doubtsregarding that how we use your personal information, we ask you to contact usfirst. However, you can always file a complaint with the appropriate authority,in particular where you live, work or where, in your opinion, your rights havebeen violated.

Please notify us ifyou want to exercise one of your rights as mentioned above by contacting us byemail You can also contact us there to cancel subscriptionto our mailing list at any time or by using the “Cancel subscription” link inour emails.


The controller ofpersonal data, which you provide to us, is the company LLC “SPA “ECOSOFT” with thecompany number 31749798 and location at the address Pokrovska str., bldg. 1st,city of Irpin, Kyiv Region, 08200. If you have any questions regarding thismessage or our processing of your personal data, please write to us at theaddress mentioned above or contact us at any time by email:


Cookies — what are they?

Cookies – are snippetsof information, such as a tag, which is stored on your computer, tablet orphone when you visit a website. This can help identify your device, forinstance, a computer or mobile phone, each time you visit our website.

They are used by mostmajor websites, including ours. To get the most out of our website, whateverdevice you use, you need to make sure that your web browser is set to acceptcookies.

What are Cookiesused for?

We use cookies and some other data stored on yourdevice to:

  • Give you abetter Internet experience.
  • Allow you toset personal settings
  • Protect yoursecurity
  • Measure andimprove our service
  • Work with partnersand measure marketing

So what information is stored in a cookie?

The cookie usually contains:

• name of the website from which itoriginates;

• how long the cookie will remain on yourdevice

• value — usually a unique number, randomly generated

Cookies, which we set

We use the followingcategories of cookies on our website:

Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies arenecessary for you to navigate the website and use its functions. Without thesecookies, the services you have requested, such as remembering your logindetails, cannot be provided.

Category 2: Performance cookies

These cookiescollect anonymous information about how people use our Website. For instance,we use Google Analytics Cookies to help us understand how clients come to ourwebsite, browse or use our website, and also we highlight areas, where we canimprove such areas as navigation, shopping experience and marketing campaigns.The data that are stored by these cookies never reveal personal data from whichyour individual identity can be established.

Category 3: Functionality cookies

These cookiesremember the choice you make, for instance, the place, from which you arevisiting our website, language and search options, such as product options,which you prefer. Then they can be used to provide you with an experience morerelevant to your choice, and make your visits more adapted and enjoyable. Theinformation that these cookies collect may be anonymous, and they cannot trackyour activity on other websites.

Category 4:Targeting cookies or advertising cookies

These cookies collect information about your browsinghabits to make advertising more relevant to you and your interests. They arealso used to limit the number of times when you see advertising and also helpto measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Cookies are usuallyplaced by third-party advertising networks. They remember the websites, whichyou visit and this information is transferred to the other parties such asadvertisers.

Category 5: Socialmedia (networks) cookies

These cookies allow you to share of what you were doing on the website,on social media (networks), such as Facebook and Twitter. These cookies are notunder our control. Please see the respective privacy policy to know how theircookies work.

How long do cookies stay on my computer?

Sessioncookies — they are stored only until the browser is closed. They are not storedon the hard drive. They are usually used to track the pages, which you visit sothat the information can be configured for you for this visit.

Persistentcookies — they are stored on your hard drive until you delete them or untiltheir period of validity expire. They can, for instance, be used to rememberyour preferences while using the site. We will not store cookies informationfor longer than 2 years.

What can I do to manage cookies stored on my computer or phone

You can accept orrefuse cookies. Accepting cookies, as a rule, is the best way to ensure that youget the best from the website. Most PCs accept cookies automatically, but youcan change your browser settings to limit, block or delete cookies, if you want.Every browser is different, so check “Help” menu of your specific browser (or manualof your mobile device) to know how to change your cookies settings. Manybrowsers have universal privacy settings from which you can choose. To find outmore about cookies, in particular about that how to see what cookies have beenset, how to manage them and delete them, visit або

You can also request complete deletion of cookies information from ourside by contacting us at the address

What happens if I donot accept cookies?

If you decline cookies, some aspects of the site may not work on yourcomputer or mobile phone, and maybe you may not be able to access the needed areason the website. For this reason, we recommend accepting cookies.