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Sediment Filter Ecosoft FP1465



Ecosoft FP 1465 CT filter is designed for effective removal of mechanical impurities (silt, sand, rust, scale).

The Ecosoft FP 1465 CT filter uses high-quality sorption material Filter-Ag® (Clack Corporation, USA).

The filter is also used as the first stage of water treatment before softening, complex purification, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide removal filters to ensure their normal and efficient operation.

Key features:

  • No silt and sand on the surface of the bath and in the washbasin
  • Designed for water purification from mechanical impurities (silt, sand, rust, scale)
  • Natural, ecological filter media
  • Natural mineral clinoptilolite with a rough surface, which provides high cleaning efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimum consumption of electricity and water for own needs
  • Simple maintenance
  • In case of any problems, the valve will inform by text message on the display