Reverse osmosis filters have become commonplace in Ukrainian kitchens. With their prevalence, many questions have arisen about malfunctions in the operation of these filters. Let's delve into the reasons behind their occurrence.

Causes of Reverse Osmosis Filter Malfunctions

  1. The service life specified in the passport has expired, and the vessels, hoses, and fittings have worn out. The service life varies among manufacturers. As for Ecosoft filters, the service life of our reverse osmosis systems is five years.
  2. Low system quality. Such issues are typical for "no-name" systems of Chinese production. So, if you are pleased with the cost of the system, it is worth reading reviews about the product beforehand.
  3. Manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, this factor occurs with any manufacturer.
  4. Malfunctions usually occur immediately after purchasing the filter and are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Operation and maintenance-related problems.Now let's try to thoroughly understand the most common problems that arise. Why is the water filter leaking, the taste is spoiled, and the tank fills slowly?

Low pressure from the faucet in the reverse osmosis system

  1. Reverse osmosis system faucet. Limited water supply.If you have recently installed or performed planned maintenance, check if the pipes are not kinked and if the tank valve is fully open.
  2. Low pressure in the pipeline. If the pressure in your pipeline is below 3 atm, then it will be insufficient for the filter to work properly. The tank will fill very slowly, and a lot of water will be discharged into the sewer. This problem can be solved by installing a pump.
  3. Untimely replacement of pre-filtration cartridges or membrane element.After the expiration of the service life or increased water consumption, the membrane element becomes clogged with slime, causing the filter to fill the tank slowly. Untimely replacement of cartridges will result in unfiltered water entering the membrane. This, in turn, will lead to its accelerated clogging. If you replace the membrane and cartridges in a timely manner but this happens regularly, we recommend replacing the 1-2-3 kit more often. We have written about this in detail earlier.
  4. Low pressure in the storage tank. The pressure should normally be 0.4 - 0.6 atm (bar). If the pressure does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to pump it using a pump. This service is provided by the service engineer.

Why is the water filter leaking?

Filter leakage

Filter leaksWater filter leaks can occur for several reasons. Before fixing the leak, it is necessary to understand why it is happening.

Incorrect connection or maintenance.

  1. Such malfunctions usually occur immediately after manipulation of the system by hand or after the arrival of a technician. To fix such faults, it is enough to carefully inspect the filter, identify the leak, and seal it at the found point. The main places of leakage can be clips on hoses, drainage, and joints between vessels and bases. To fix this problem, you can disconnect the filter, disconnect and reconnect the connections.
  2. Pressure spikes in the system. Most systems allow a working pressure of up to 6 atm (bar). If your water supply system has pressure fluctuations, it is worth installing a reducer to protect the filter. After installing the reducer, check all fittings and connections.
  3. Wear of the sealing gasket between the vessel and the head. This happens when the installation has completed its service life; to replace it, you should purchase a gasket or call a service engineer who will install it.
  4. Mechanical damage. This can occur during transportation or improper maintenance or installation.
  5. Low-quality components. This often happens in "no-name" systems. Usually, these inconveniences can be resolved by the service department.

To find out why the water filter burst, you should always check factors 2, 4, or 5. Usually, they are the cause of the malfunction.

High noise level

If your system is making a lot of noise, this could be due to:

  1. Air in the autoregulator - this problem will resolve itself after a while.
  2. Increased pressure at the system inlet. In this situation, it is recommended to install a check valve at the entrance to the apartment or directly in front of the system.
  3. Low pressure level in the tank.

Why does not turn on the reverse osmosis pump

The pump for reverse osmosis filters is designed to increase the pressure directly in front of the filter, it allows you to increase the performance of the filter and reduce the flow of water into the drain. The reasons why the pump does not work may be:

  1. low pressure in the pipeline - each pump has a minimum inlet pressure, usually 1.5 - 2 atm, if it is lower, the pump will not work;
  2. pinching of the hoses, this problem is usually encountered immediately after replacing the cartridges;
  3. lack of power supply to the pump - check the mains connection.

Why water is constantly flowing into the drain

  1. The prefilter membrane or cartridges are contaminated. Contamination reduces the filter's throughput or simply clogs it, so that the pressure in the pipeline cannot force water through the membrane. In this situation, scheduled maintenance will solve everything.
  2. Low pressure at the inlet to the system also makes it impossible for the liquid to pass through the membrane element and large volumes of water are drained into the sewer. At the same time, the tank is slowly taking on water.
  3. Autoregulator malfunction. To check this point, you need to turn off the tap on the tank. After 2 to 5 minutes, the autoregulator should shut off the water supply to the system. If this does not happen, contact a service centre to replace the autoregulator.
  4. Malfunction of the membrane check valve. If this part is broken, then even if the tank is full, water continues to flow to the membrane and bypass it to drain into the sewer.
  5. Low pressure in the tank.
  6. Clogged or faulty flow restrictor. It should be inserted into the black tube at the outlet of the membrane holder. If the part is missing, it is likely that it has been washed down the drain and a new element needs to be installed. It is also possible that it is located near the drainage clamp. In this case, flush it and install the tube in the flow restrictor closer to the membrane holder.

Water does not flow into the drainage

This indicates that the system is not working at all. This can be caused by a clogged flow restrictor that needs to be removed and washed, or an incorrectly installed drainage clamp. In the second case, you need to check that the hole in the pipe and the installed clamp match.

How to repair the tap for the drinking water filter?

Our customers rarely complain about the breakdown of water taps, this usually happens after many years of service. If your drinking water tap has started to leak, we recommend replacing it. If you decide to make repairs:

  • remove the cap from the tap valve;
  • use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw;
  • remove the valve from the tap base;
  • remove the lock washer;
  • unscrew the taps with pliers;
  • remove the tap coupling and remove all parts from it;
  • remove the rubber bands from the central metal part and replace them (diameter of the rubber bands is 6 mm);
  • clean all parts;
  • lubricate the tap head;
  • assemble the tap in reverse order.

Poor taste of water

Water in a glass

An unusual smell or taste in the water usually occurs when the carbon post-filter has reached the end of its useful life. In this case, you can simply replace it.

The second reason is contamination of the system or tank. This usually happens in the case of improper maintenance. It is necessary to perform scheduled maintenance and disinfection of the system.

Turbidity after cleaning

This is due to the fact that the water is saturated with air. This is not an indication of a malfunction and goes away after one or two weeks after the filter is installed. To make sure that it is air, pour water into a glass and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that this is possible in winter, when the temperature difference between the water and the environment can vary greatly.

If you have any troubles not related to those listed in the list, write about them in the comments.

And don't forget that Ecosoft offers not only high-quality filters, but also a high level of service.


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